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Re: LONG LIVE the EDP and the LOOPERLATIVE was: edp R.I.P ...long live the looperlative

Well said Rick!

Paul Haslem,

Ontario, Canada

At 06:58 AM 1/26/2006, you wrote:

>Long Live the EDP (and thank you Matthias, Kim Flint, Andy Butler, Claude 
>Voit and all of the amazing people who produced it).
>Long Live the Looperlative (and thank you Bob Amstadt, Steve Lawson and 
>all the people who will help develop it)
>Long Live the Repeater (and all who have developed it)
>Long Live all the incredible live looping hardware and software solutions 
>that have made our community so strong and creatively vital.
>The more instruments we have.........the more diversity they 
>represent............the stronger our community will be.
>yours,    Rick Walker