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Re: LONG LIVE the EDP and the LOOPERLATIVE was: edp R.I.P ...long live the looperlative

Please ask yourself !!
how come will I be suddenly more creative and a better musician, more 
more powerfull because this new looper machine is in town??
Why are those new words in this new manual more valuable than those in the 
old one (that I never went thru anyway).
will I have more ideas of what to do with my new toy (besides trying all 
Is looking at a new display make your notes and rythm new ?
how long will it take to fill those 8 tracks with musik 8min 10 minutes?
is it allowed to be boring on stage?
can you handle the technical pressure of managing 8 tracks and remember 
where goes what, and what is on track 6 ?
and still be present to your audience?
is shoe gazing bad for your spine?
is there joy in repetition?

Have a nice day