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there was a quote from an old folkie like woody guthrie, something like:

"if you steal my horse i can't ride but if you steal my song i can  
still sing it."

On Jan 10, 2006, at 11:25 AM, mech wrote:

> I can't stand the analogy record companies use to compare file  
> sharing to, say, shoplifting -- most of all, because it's faulty.  
> Outright stealing not only transfers goods to the thief that they  
> did not otherwise have, but also *it removes the item from the  
> marketplace and any hope of future purchase*.  This metaphor would  
> only be true if you downloaded the file, then erased it from the  
> server on your way out the door.
> Digital files, it theory, can be copied an infinite number of  
> times. So, I usually use the analogy that illegal file sharing is  
> like copying somebody else's homework.  Yes, you're getting  
> something you didn't "pay for", but you're not depriving the  
> original copy from the ability to fulfill its primary function.