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Re: where's the money?

I recall reading a related interview with Pete Seeger many years ago (back 
the age of records) Back then he used to encourage people to make as many 
copies as they could and pass the music on to their friends. He figured 
that in
the long run it was better for him as more people would know who he was and
would be more likely to come and hear him perform and also more likely 
to buy a
new recording if they knew what he sounded like. I think this theory 
has worked
for some more modern performers as well... Phish comes to mind.... they 
used to
record their live shows and flood the p2p services with their mp3s. 
Last summer
I was playing a gig where a German tourist became quite excited to see me
because he had some of music that he had downloaded from the web or 
had given him a copy of a copy... anyway, he bought copies of everything I 
and I have since gotten a few orders from Germany due to his enthusiasm.

Paul Haslem

Ontario, Canada

Quoting 3nki <3nki@modaldub.net>:

> i think you'd be better off giving away CDs to boost your audience so 
>  you could charge higher ticket prices for your performances, rather  
> than trying to make money from selling CDs.