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Re: Soft Rack Cases?

At 5:21 AM -0700 1/8/06, Kris Hartung wrote:
>I'm thinking of buying a three space soft rack mount case for my 
>Alesis Masterlink and a few half-rack effects. I found this one:
>Anyone else know of another brand I should check out? I noticed this 
>one didn't have rack rails, so I'm assuming you just stack the units 
>in there and they fit snug between the foam?

I went through this same thing about a year ago.  If I remember 
correctly, Protec was a house brand for one of the big mail order 
companies (either Sweetwater or Zzounds, I think).  I'm not seeing it 
now, so no telling why that changed.  Regardless, you can get the 
same rack bag for almost $15 cheaper over at Music123 ( 
http://www.music123.com/Protec-Rack-Case-i31963.music ).

Personally, I *really* like the wheeled Rockbag by Warwick ( 
http://www.music123.com/RockBag-RackBag-with-Wheels-i72299.music ). 
My biggest complaint with that one, however, is that they are full 
depth with a very sturdy wooden frame.  So, I've this annoying habit 
of installing a set of rear rack rails myself and mounting things 
from both front and rear -- thus turning a 4-space into an 8-space, a 
6-space into a 12, etc., etc....  ;)

But on the other hand, about six months ago I found myself wanting a 
cheap & light little 4-space bag.  I walked into the local Guitar 
Slut (erm, Guitar Center, I mean) and grabbed a generic rack bag from 
them; it *might* be an Odyssey, I think.  Only cost about $60, with a 
plastic internal frame (keeps me from operating on it) and rack rails 
in front.  If you haven't already, I'd take a quick trip down to 
check out what they've got at the local GC.  You might find just what 
you're looking for there.


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