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Steve's Looperlative Multiply bonanza

At 21:36 31/12/05, you wrote:
>Andy selectively quoted Steve writing about looperlative
>>with it the way it is, you can do everything that rounded
>>multiply does
>And Andy replied
> >>>Hey Steve, it's great of you to promote Looperlative,
>which is a very interesting product.
>...but I think perhaps that statement is very misleading.
>Hopefully it's going to be possible to find ways of duplicating
>a great many of the EDP techniques to create musical structure
>using the Looperlative 8 loop architecture. However the Multiply
>as you describe it is nothing like that of the EDP.<<<
>OK the half of that sentence that you cut off was "except force a
>rhythm out of a glitchy loop - at the moment you can't resample
>sections of one loop.

that would be un-rounded in edp speak,

I deliberately cut off that part of the sentence because
it's not about rounded Mult.
Which was what the first part of the sentence was about.
...and was what I was commenting on.

Sorry that bugged you,

I'm actually saying that there's plenty of EDP Multiply functionality
that isn't duplicated.
Some of it more basic than that particular point.

>That would be a great addition." - now the bit
>I'm getting mixed up with here is rounded and unrounded - whichever
>one of those means using record to end the multiply to chop the whole
>thing to the new length - you can get that effect whilst leaving the
>ambient stuff running underneath without the glitch - which for the
>integrity of the ambient stuff, is to most people a favourable
>scenario to having to cut the initial loop to length - it's certainly
>one of the two main reasons why I used two Echoplexes for the last
>three and a half years.

no question about that,
very nice desirable feature

But there are rather more basic questions.

(as you're aware)
The EDP keeps track of Cycle length as well as Loop length.
So the straightforward rounded Multiply on the edp also
allows to reduce the loop back to it's original length.
Or to change from , say, 4 cycles to 5 cycles.

The "Instant Multiply" means having to decide in advance
how much the loop is extended. It doesn't allow to decide
at the end of the Mult. Presumably it means that some
internal parameter has to be accessed in order to set the multiplication
How quickly can you mult from 1 cycle to 4, then from 4 to 32
(2 different magic mult nos.)

EDP Mult has alternate endings, including Undo.

You can manipulated the feedback during an EDP Multiply.

An EDP Multiply can be Quantised or Not,
presumably Looperlative is always going to do an equivalent of Quantised.


and so on, including the difference between Roundmode=On and RoundMode=OFF
which is actually unconnected to Rounded/UnRounded Multiply and is
probably a bit

Thinking about the way Looperlative works,
I don't think it's going to be at all difficult to provide
that sort of functionality.
...but not using Multiply.
Rather by allowing synced loops to be recorded at a length
that is a Multiple of the "main" loop.

andy butler