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Re: Availability of Echoplex

before you buy, sweetwater.com has them for $799.97 +
free shipping. that's where i bought my recent (2nd)
one. you can then send me the $200 you saved =P

--- paulrichard10@adelphia.net wrote:

>  Hi, all:
> The Echoplex Digital Pro is listed at AMS for
> $999.95 and they say they're in stock. I thought it
> was hard to obtain EDP's. I'm thinking about popping
> for one after messing around with various other
> loopers. I really miss the MIDI sync feature to
> drive a percussion/drum beat and the efficient way
> to create additional loops on the EDP. If Roland &
> Digitech would just put a few more features in their
> offerings they would have some seriously nice boxes.
> Regards, Butch

"Artists in any medium are nothing more than mere hooligans who cannot 
live within their income of admiration." - Quentin Crisp

Yahoo! DSL  Something to write home about. 
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