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Re: Looping question on usability...

Welcome to the list!
What you want to do is very possible.  Many do it already.
What can become a challenge is neatly starting and stopping the recording of your "verse" loop -- in perfect time.  Practice makes perfect.  Now, you must consider the foot move you make to start/stop your looper as something to practice, just like you once practiced changing chords without skipping a beat.
Alternatively, more expensive looping tools can be synchronized to drum machines that send midi information about starting and stopping things for you.
Good luck!
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Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 4:29 PM
Subject: Looping question on usability...

Hi everyone, I am new to this list since I just bought my first looping pedal. I have a question about usability that maybe you can help out with.


Often I perform solo or in a duo with two guitars and one vocal. I was looking for a pedal that would allow me to record part of my guitar performance of a song (live on scene) and play it back later on so I can play a solo or add interesting fills while I sing. So basically I am only concerned with one loop, but it is going to be the main instrument track. I just bought the Boss RC 20 and I am having a little trouble with it. I have read that it takes some practice, but my question is… Is it really possible to perform a first verse live while recording with the loop pedal and perform the second verse with the loop? How difficult will this be?


Thanks in advance…


Joshua Morin

Original Acoustic Rock Music