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zoom g2

Don't forget the excellent sound quality of this little baby........ 24 bit 96Khz very clean sound, (perhaps i shouldn't mention sample rates :)).
I also love some of the other effects in it - I borrowed one from the college where i teach and will be sad to take it back.
The one with the pedal, (the stupidly named g2.1u) will allow you to do realtime souind mangling plus pop in another pedal for hold/etc and it's very cheap and small - which is good.
By the By I mentioned that i had a flood here a while back. I kept my pedals in 1 half of a guitar case to save me re-connecting ad infinitum. A pod, a dl4 and my zoom 8080
were all drowned in 2 inches of water. When i rang up the insurance company to claim compensation they told me that all the pedals were fine - I got them home and - whadya know?
They all work!!
That zoom pedal has given me extremely reliable service since about 1997
Lets hear it for the Zoom Coorporation!!!
and a happy new year to all blah blah.......