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Re: The Dark Ages (musical decade association)

On 31 dec 2005, at 12.05, loop.pool wrote:

>  It's a little hard to talk monolithically about the music of the  
> 80's, consequently because a lot happened (as pointed out
> by Kim).

Yes, that's a good point.To me Kim's post is more interesting from a  
sociological perspective than from a musical. I think we sometimes,  
as being musicians, tend to underestimate the importance of the way  
normal people (i.e. non musicians) look at music as the glue that  
keeps their life (and later on when they look back, their "life  
story") together.  You may call that an escapist point of view, but  
it seems to be true for the majority. In all cultures it is common to  
look at a certain musical expression ("style") as representing a  
certain generation, and it also seems to me that this perspective is  
especially strong in the US. However, some musicians are blessed with  
the ability to step outside their generation and enjoy music for what  
it really is, as opposed to how society defines it.

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