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Re: The Dark Age

Although as I read the news, I still believe that we're going to die
"in the dark"--no electricity, plague, famine, etc.


On 12/30/05, mech <mech@m3ch.net> wrote:
> In the 80's, myself and everybody my age knew it for a fact that we
> were never going to see old age.  Instead, we all expected that at
> any given moment, without warning, there could be a brief flash and a
> fireball that would quickly but painfully vaporize us.  If we weren't
> "lucky" enough to be within 100 miles of an urban area, we could look
> forward to the inescapable pleasure of radiation sickness from the
> fallout -- a few painful weeks of lesions and internal hemorrhaging
> before we expired, liquefied from the inside out like an Ebola victim.