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Re: Mike Battle Interview

thanks for the cool interview kim.

   i've been in that basement where all the 'plex stuff is and have  
seen one of the really early echoplexs ( i owned one of the very  
first pre-maestro ones myself) and some of the new tube-plex stuff as  
well as the new prototypes. it's very fun and unpretentious all around.

On Dec 30, 2005, at 5:17 PM, Kim Flint wrote:

> Hi Loopers,
> I just put up an interview on the LD site with Mike Battle,  
> inventor of the original Echoplex tape delay. If you recall, many  
> of the questions came from folks on this list. It took a while for  
> this interview to come together since Mike was ill for some time.  
> I'm glad we've got it, as there really isn't too much info out  
> there about Mike or his inventions.
> For the creations he gave us, I think Mike deserves a lot more  
> respect and admiration than he has received. This is part of my  
> small effort to give something back.
> Enjoy:
> http://www.loopers-delight.com/musings/Mike_Battle/Mike_Battle.html
> kim
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