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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

Getting a little loopy are you, Steve?  Thanks for the clarification. Yes,
indeed, if Bob added unrounded multiply as a feature of a single loop, and
also the feature where you can overdub over that loop, but extened the
length, that would  be ideal. Then those other 7 loops would be a BIG 
That boggles my mind, actually, because add a few more basic features like
reverse, half speed, and substitute to a single loop, and we're approaching
the idea of 8, no 16 EDP-like virtual units in one stereo unit...which is
basically Mobius in a box. Now, if Mobius ran on the Muse Receptor, which 
$1400 or so, LP1 could still be a better deal...but of course, Receptor 
runs all sorts of other VST effects as well.


> nothing at all happens to loops one and 2 when 3 becomes the master
> to sync to - nothing happens to loops already recorded by changing
> anything on any other loops. The point of changing loop 3 to be the
> sync master is so that the loops that come afterwards can be layered
> on top.
> of course, I guess I ought to mention that you can also layer on top
> of each layer if you want, but there's no undo function for that, so
> it makes more sense to do them on separate loops so you have more
> choices for feedback levels, volume levels routing to the aux outputs
> etc.
> But just in case it's still unclear, loop 3 will not change loop 1 or
> 2, there's no way of retriggering the start of either of those loops
> by doing anything to other loops.
> i think it'll be fun if Bob put in the rounded multiply to indivdual
> loops. Not sure how it would implement across separate loop tracks,
> but with it the way it is, you can do everything that rounded
> multiply does (shit, I'm losing track of which is rounded and which
> is unrounded - I've been typing about looping for too long today, and
> not playing enough...) except force a rhythm out of a glitchy loop -
> at the moment you can't resample sections of one loop. That would be
> a great addition.
> cheers!
> Steve
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