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Re: feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>I like your diagrams, Steve.  So, what happens when you make loop  
three the
master sync loop?  When do the loops 1 and 2 start over again  
relative to
this loop? In other words, when loop 3 ends, do loops 1 and 2 start  
over, or
keep on going? If the latter, then how are they synced to loop 3?  
Maybe you
are saying that they can't be.

Or when your loop 1 and loop 2 are different lenghts, and  you make the
longer one the master? Can you diagram that and show what happens to the
excess Xs or Os?  Does the shorter loop repeat and go only part of  
the way
to fill in the space of the longer loop?<<<

nothing at all happens to loops one and 2 when 3 becomes the master  
to sync to - nothing happens to loops already recorded by changing  
anything on any other loops. The point of changing loop 3 to be the  
sync master is so that the loops that come afterwards can be layered  
on top.

of course, I guess I ought to mention that you can also layer on top  
of each layer if you want, but there's no undo function for that, so  
it makes more sense to do them on separate loops so you have more  
choices for feedback levels, volume levels routing to the aux outputs  

But just in case it's still unclear, loop 3 will not change loop 1 or  
2, there's no way of retriggering the start of either of those loops  
by doing anything to other loops.

i think it'll be fun if Bob put in the rounded multiply to indivdual  
loops. Not sure how it would implement across separate loop tracks,  
but with it the way it is, you can do everything that rounded  
multiply does (shit, I'm losing track of which is rounded and which  
is unrounded - I've been typing about looping for too long today, and  
not playing enough...) except force a rhythm out of a glitchy loop -  
at the moment you can't resample sections of one loop. That would be  
a great addition.


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