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Re: best busking cities

In a message dated 12/30/05 4:17:15 PM, alderjas@msu.edu writes:

Can't walk more than a few meters without running into someone(s) else
playing music.

that would be great!.....here in pittsburgh it's always "open season" on buskers, they are shot on site!.....but here's some news.....there is an area here called GARFIELD that has had a nice increase in "art" gallerie/venues.....on the first friday of each month there is an "art crawl", it grows monthly.....anyway, there is a chance that i will have use of a venue on the first friday of FEBUARY.....i know i'll be there.....anyone out there that would like to hang in the BURG for a weekend please get in touch, lots-o-floor and sleeping places and we can always throw water in the soup.....when i get the green lite (100%) that i can do this, i'll set the skinny free.....:)m