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Re: Re:Re: Re:feedback/features/new loopers...

> >I believe this confirms my understanding that the Looperlative LP1 will
> >do rounded multiply, correct? This makes sense, given the mention of
> >intervals (aboe) of how long you want to extend your next loop, 4, 8,
> >This is indeed a "bummer" for me, because I always use unrounded 
> >and enjoy the freedom of how long I want the new loop length to be. This
> >why I don't like quatiziation. I like to have total control of my 
> >output. I don't want the machine altering the time of my playing in any
> >or format....howeer, I also undertand that there will likely be many new
> >features added to the LP1 unit, in future releases of software which I
> >will be frequent.  Perhaps unrounded multiply will come out fairly
> >It's definitely a hard requirement for me.
> >
> >Kris
> hi Kris,
> I believe (although of course I'm to some extent guessing) that there
> would be a great alternative to UnRounded Mult.
> Which would be to simply start another un-synced loop.
> For "overdubbing" a rhythm onto a free loop that would in some ways
> be better, avoiding the glitch where the loop is joined.
> Or are you into redefining the rhythm on an existing loop?

I guess both, since I do both. If starting another loop does the trick to
simulate the typical un-rounded Multipy function, excellent. Not sure about
doing something similar to hitting record after multiplying and having it
redefine the original loop length..that is very important to me as
well...when you create a time signatured groove over the top of a
non-metered soundcape.  I'll post this question in the looperlative forum,
but my guess is that the response will be the same as many other responses,
namely that it is possible to do in the software, and it is being 
for future releases.  Isn't this an important feature to most EDP loopers?
I could play without it, but it is probably one of the most useful features
for me, especially when you are laying massive landscapes down and you want
to convert it into someting that a percussionist could play to in time, or
even yourself. How often do you use this?  I just remember when either you
or Kim told me how to do that on  my EPD...that made my year.


> andy butler
> www.andybutler.com