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AW: DL4 exp pedal alternatives

I use a cheap home-brand pedal of a local music store (www.thomann.de), and
while they don't look sturdy, it has never given me any troubles. (I have
about 10 of them).

Just to understand this right: you're using an expression pedal (meaning 
pedal you connect to the corresponding jack on the DL4), not a volume pedal
(e.g. in the outs), and this results in cracking? Looks like DL4 didn't
really go out of their ways to implement a simple filtering on the exp 
signal to avoid this kind of behaviour...

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Betreff: DL4 exp pedal alternatives

I am currently using one of those horribly cheap re-branded Bespeco Line6
exp pedals for the DL4, and I  swear, it cracks more every time I use it.
>From what I understand it uses a 10k pot inside. Anyone ever come up with 
better alternative?

I know there is an Ernie Ball volume pedal with a 20k pot which may work
(?)...just want ideas what other people use.
Dave Eichenberger