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Re:Re: Re:feedback/features/new loopers...

At 23:47 29/12/05, you wrote:
> > >  Looperlative - instant multiply (hit a
> > >button to multiply the loop by whatever multiple you've chosen - ie 4
> > >times as long - drop an event into that, knowing that it'll only come
> > >back round every four repeats) -
> >
> > :-( shame,
> > EDP type Multiply is an essential.
>I believe this confirms my understanding that the Looperlative LP1 will 
>do rounded multiply, correct? This makes sense, given the mention of
>intervals (aboe) of how long you want to extend your next loop, 4, 8, etc.
>This is indeed a "bummer" for me, because I always use unrounded multiply
>and enjoy the freedom of how long I want the new loop length to be. This 
>why I don't like quatiziation. I like to have total control of my looping
>output. I don't want the machine altering the time of my playing in any 
>or format....howeer, I also undertand that there will likely be many new
>features added to the LP1 unit, in future releases of software which I 
>will be frequent.  Perhaps unrounded multiply will come out fairly 
>It's definitely a hard requirement for me.

hi Kris,

I believe (although of course I'm to some extent guessing) that there
would be a great alternative to UnRounded Mult.
Which would be to simply start another un-synced loop.

For "overdubbing" a rhythm onto a free loop that would in some ways 
be better, avoiding the glitch where the loop is joined.

Or are you into redefining the rhythm on an existing loop?

andy butler