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Urk programming the MIDI MATE is giving me a headache

hi loopers,

so i recently got a rocktron midi mate in an attempt
to replace my 2 EDP foot controllers (primarily
because i can't toggle insert mode via the original
FCs). do any of you also use this setup? the 5 page
rocktron manual is completely confusing and i can't
seem to get my head around it. i'v used midi before
with MPS etc so i'm not entirely a midi novice, but
the rocktron is confusing the life out of me... before
i ask for a tutorial or return the damn thing, can
anyone assure me that that it'll eventually do what i
want it to do? (basically use buttons 0-9 to toggle
the various echoplex commands + insert modes - doesn't
sound too complicated i'd like to think). i'm
beginning to wonder if i'm barking up the wrong tree
since something in the manual seems to say that only
buttons 5-9 can be used to toggle on/off or something
like that...


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