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RE: Guitar Rig 2 looper

I've had a chance to play around with the guitar rig looper at an event by
Apple "Mac and Guitar" or something like that. I can't say for sure but I
think there was a certain lag that prevented me from laying down a tight
groove (if it weren't the few glasses of wine...).
Every overdub you play (up to 99) gets recorded into an individual sound
file, which is nifty. This happens behind the scenes.
So you can mess around with your performance after the fact on a pretty
detailed level.
Also, this allows for unlimited undo/redo. There's also a multiply 
You can record two separate loops and switch between them but not play them
But: No Feedback Ctrl!
Don't know about the Sync functionality.



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> hey hey -
> i have been away and now have about 500 emails to catch up on, i
> noticed this though in the pile. I am now learning the guitar rig
> stuff for work (native-instruments) and will be demoing it (including
> the looper) at NAMM. I have not spent much time with it but so far it
> seems cool. there is no feedback control or multitrack mixing
> ability, but you can have multiple loopers, as is the nature of GR. I
> will report back when i have more to offer.
> - b
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> >>  I notice AcademicSuperstore.com
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> > The only difference is price. It's not a different version of the
> > software per se.
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