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Re: Digitech Jamman vs Boss Loopstation vs Extreme Negativity

At 02:48 AM 12/29/2005, David Morton wrote:
>On 12/29/05, Paul Richards <paulrichard_rocks@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Jesus Christ! This crowd is hard on the above "loopers". Are you 
>telling me
> > that no one is doing anything worth listening to with the above (or 
> similar)
> > because there's no feedback nor MIDI sync?
>In my post about my RC-20XL I only said that I'd sold it because "it
>wasn't useful to me".
>I'm relatively new to this list, is there an FAQ which describes the
>sort of comments we are allowed to make?

You are free to make any comments you like. Other members of the community 
are free to respond to your comments any way they like. Discussion is 
Various degrees of social pressure usually get applied by the community if 
things appear to go too far in an uncivilized direction. The LD community 
does a great job of self-regulation.


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