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Re:feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>I believe this confirms my understanding that the Looperlative  
LP1 will only
do rounded multiply, correct? This makes sense, given the mention of
intervals (aboe) of how long you want to extend your next loop, 4, 8,  
This is indeed a "bummer" for me, because I always use unrounded  
and enjoy the freedom of how long I want the new loop length to be.  
This is
why I don't like quatiziation. I like to have total control of my  
output. I don't want the machine altering the time of my playing in  
any way
or format....howeer, I also undertand that there will likely be many new
features added to the LP1 unit, in future releases of software which  
I hear
will be frequent.  Perhaps unrounded multiply will come out fairly  
It's definitely a hard requirement for me.<<<

The speed at which any update happens depends on a few things, I  
guess - firstly, how important Bob sees it to be to the people he  
views as his core potential users (LD being pretty tight in the  
middle of that group) secondly, how easy it is to do, so there may be  
a few fun things that get thrown in early on just because they don't  
take much effort to write. The other factors I guess include  
everything else that might encroach on Bob's coding time, like day- 
job and the marketing side of the looperlative.

I've sent Bob a huge list of things I'd like to see on the LP1, based  
on how the system seems to work to me - some of them are EDP  
functions I'd love to see moved across, others are new functions made  
apparent by the possibilities of the box. I'm sure the features list  
will grow and grow, it'll just take some patience. What's great is  
that the features list by NAMM will be enough for a heck of a lot of  
loopers to want one, and those with very specific needs (like  
unrounded multiply) will have the choice to wait until it's added (or  
if it's added... I'm sure if it can be it will be) or to buy one now,  
enjoy all the other features and see what new compositional and  
improvisational options the new box throws up.

I for one certainly want to be able to do the 'unfolding multiply'  
like the EDP does, where you don't need to know the number of  
multiples before you start, but am equally happy that I have this new  
form of multiply to work with and can see it creating loads of ways  
of making loop music sound less repetitive.

Another thing you can have, obviously, with the looperlative, is 8  
stereo unsynchronised loops, so you can do 'unrounded' multiply  
without needing to chop up the original loop... a different effect,  
but if the point is to have an ambient loop and then impose some time  
structure on top of it (one of the ways I use unrounded multiply), it  
can be done without the end-glitch that unrounded multiply gives you  
in the loop that's being chopped...


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