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Re: laptop for live music

have you tried removing the earth from your laptrop. one of mine makes a hideous noise unless i either unplug the psu or rip out the earth.

Weird...and you've probably done what I've tried too, plugging the powersupply into different outlets. I have not tried plugging it into a different circuit yet (as many outlets in a venue or your house can be on the same circuit). Not sure if that would help, though. I think it is a proximity thing with the powersupply and other audio gear. How about encasing it in a lead box? :)  Anyway, this sort of forces us to use notebook that have long battery life...not thoe with desktop processores in them (the big, thick ones), but the mobile units. My wife's Centrino Thinkpad last for 4 hours...not bad.
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Subject: Re: laptop for live music

I have the same problem running from my Emachine laptop. Running on power supply? hum/noise.

Running on battery? No hum/noise, but I have about an hour or so...

However, I also have the same hum coming from a Gbox shuttle that is my desktop recording solution.

I've replaced and done everything I can think of except move to a new house.

Clint Allen

On 12/29/05, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
Well, with exception of the hum problem I have with my HP nc6000, which
could be a defective powersupply, both the IBM and HP "commerical" boxes
kick ass.  I have nothing but good things to say about the Thinkpads....my
wife, who works for Intel, uses one as her work computer (all Intel
employees use them), but I don't think you could go wrong with one of the
commerical/business notebooks from HP either. Also, IBM doesn't make
Thinkpads anymore, they sold that whole product line to Lenovo. Hopefully
this won't have an impact on their quality in the future.

Here is question for you all...with all the high performance standards
required for gaming, would it make sense to find a notebook for music
applications that has also been proven to be a good choice for gaming? Aside
from the graphics part, it seems the processor, cache, and other system
architecture features might be good for music applications as well...just a


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> So is IBM ThinkPad the best way to go?
> Any other contenders? I speak of course of the Windoze platform.
> Gary