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Re: laptop for live music

I'm waiting until the new Centrino dual core units come out.... :)  Very
soon. Mabye one will be in a Thinkpad....damn, that would be cool.


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> On 29 dec 2005, at 21.37, Gary Lehmann wrote:
> > So is IBM ThinkPad the best way to go?
> > Any other contenders? I speak of course of the Windoze platform.
> I've heard good things about ThinkPads. But isn't it better to take a
> look at what's inside to see if it's fit for audio use? Centrino
> (with the Pentium-M CPU) is good and shared graphic memory is bad, as
> far as I know. 7200 drive is good, but maybe a bit noisy if you are
> going to play at intimate volume or use the lappy for writing. It's
> also to a great deal up to which audio interface you are using. The
> more RAM the better, but it's hard to find a lappy with room for more
> than 2 GB. My Apple Powerbook did a lot better when I upgraded from 1
> to 2 GB but my Win lappy is looping fine with only 1 GB. Maybe
> because XP doesn't need as much RAM as OS X?
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