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Re: laptop based loopers/effects for live

On 29 dec 2005, at 20.46, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:

> This isn't laptop related, but one time I was using an RC-20 for an  
> open
> mike and forgot to make sure the "Guide" knob was turned down. I  
> played
> in a nice groovy jazz background, then hit play..
> The audience thought that was pretty funny. Since then I always  
> checked it!

Brings another Human Goof Story to my mind: We were playing a duo gig  
and my partner had borrowed my old Roland MC-303. All our stuff were  
MIDI Clock synced. We played for an hour and at the end of the show  
we went into a very silent part. While I was tweaking the loops in my  
EDP and Repeater from my Behringer FCB1010 MIDI pedal I was  
distracted by some  "THUMP" sounds, loudly hitting the least musical  
spots a little before some bars and eight notes. Not until after  
quite a while I discovered that the noise happened when I was using  
certain FCB Buttons. Ouch.... we had forgot to check the MIDI channel  
of the MC-303 and it was now receiving MIDI notes from my floor  
controller that was only meant to silently control my loopers. I have  
that gig recorded, it sounds very lame ;-)

Greetings from Sweden

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