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Re: Re:feedback/features/new loopers...

> >  Looperlative - instant multiply (hit a
> >button to multiply the loop by whatever multiple you've chosen - ie 4
> >times as long - drop an event into that, knowing that it'll only come
> >back round every four repeats) -
> :-( shame,
> EDP type Multiply is an essential.

I believe this confirms my understanding that the Looperlative LP1 will 
do rounded multiply, correct? This makes sense, given the mention of
intervals (aboe) of how long you want to extend your next loop, 4, 8, etc.
This is indeed a "bummer" for me, because I always use unrounded multiply
and enjoy the freedom of how long I want the new loop length to be. This is
why I don't like quatiziation. I like to have total control of my looping
output. I don't want the machine altering the time of my playing in any way
or format....howeer, I also undertand that there will likely be many new
features added to the LP1 unit, in future releases of software which I hear
will be frequent.  Perhaps unrounded multiply will come out fairly quickly.
It's definitely a hard requirement for me.


> :-) mind you, with multi-loop possibilities it would
> be easy to achieve similar musical structures with
> some simple additions to the code.
> As long we were allowed to make the additional loops
> an exact multiple of the first.
> (maybe that's already possible even)
> andy butler