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Re: Let us learn to shrink wrap!

Hi Doug -

Here is my solution, which I'll use for the 30 pre-assembled LDC3 CDs that 
have now as well. I use these really cool, thick and resealable, 2.5 mil
polyethylene bags from a company called Bags Unlimited. Here is the URL to


Also, I'm not sure if you ordered your jewel cases yet, but I buy all my
CD-R and DVD-R supplies from American Digital -
http://www.american-digital.com/ The prices are good, and they have decent
quality media and supplies.


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Subject: Let us learn to shrink wrap!

> OK, so now I need to professionally shrink wrap the other 20 CDs of LDC3.
> did a super-quick Google and found one shrink wrap kit for $100. Anything
> cheaper? I have a heat gun (and I'm not afraid to use it!). I just need
> plastic and the whatever to cut and trim it.
> dB