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Re: Line6 Echo Pro

And although it allows for MIDI control on the front panel features, I
seem to recall that it does not support MIDI tempo sync on the looper.


On 12/29/05, Todd Pafford <calenlas@gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed.  I got my EchoPro for a great price and absolutely love it.
> Great echo effects, but at this point mine's pretty much dedicated to
> looping.  Midi control via a footcontroller like the Behringer FCB1010
> makes using it a breeze.  It lacks the more advanced looping features
> such as Insert, Multiply, Undo, and Feedback, but I've been able to
> craft slowly evolving loops with it anyway.  Definitely worth a small
> investment, but keep in mind that you'll want some sort of Midi
> control too which will effectively add $150+ to the price.
> Todd