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Re: laptop based loopers/effects for live

> On 29 dec 2005, at 19.06, mwsmart@insightbb.com wrote:
> I'm yet to have my first "audio glitch" with a computer but four  
> weeks ago I had a serious Mind Glitch resulting in me starting the  
> gig in the wrong preset (Möbius in laptop). I did a looping-free  
> intro with down-pitched flute (aka "bass") and landed on a riff I  
> thought would be a great bass line (type "Black Market" / Weather  
> Report) to loop as a ground to start building from. I kicked the  
> Record button in the belief that I was in Record Toggle mode - but I  
> wasn't, this preset was in Record Sustain Mode. Ahrrrrgh. So instead  
> of the groovy bass line I was suddenly chocked by this machine gun  
> like bass hit blasting out the PA speakers: DOH-DOH-DOH-DOH.... etc  
> etc. Loud and never-ending. Sudden Glitch Of Mind. I kept on playing  
> and looping "differently" from there, pretending it was all cool and  
> experimentally edgy  ;-)
> Per Boysen

This isn't laptop related, but one time I was using an RC-20 for an open
mike and forgot to make sure the "Guide" knob was turned down. I played
in a nice groovy jazz background, then hit play..

The audience thought that was pretty funny. Since then I always checked it!

Mark Smart