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Towel Over the Speaker as Volume Control ( was Digitech Jamman vs Boss Loopstation)

No, the Loopstation is what it is--and I use mine--but it doesn't make me
more creative!

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From: Jason Fink [mailto:jfink@cabq.gov] 

Actually, I think the 'Stereo Volume control' analogy it spot on... it 
is exactly
what I feel looping without feedback control... my Loops are either off 
or on,
not a good thing for dynamic live looping!


>How about a digital piano with no velocity sensitivity or sustain pedal?
>On 12/29/05, paulrichard10@adelphia.net <paulrichard10@adelphia.net> 
>Your skill at crafting analogies needs work.
>---- Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:
>After years and years of discussion on desireable features for looping
>devices, it's frustrating to see that publically available information
>go seemingly unheeded by manufacturers.  One can produce "something
>worth listening to" with any bit of gear, but imagine if stereo
>manufacturers kept trying to sell you something with only two volume
>settings--"off" and "on".  Once you'd seen a stereo with a volume
>control, one without that feature just seems silly, even though you
>could listen to music on it and put a towel or two over the speaker to
>make it quieter.