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Re: laptop based loopers/effects for live


In direct answer to your query, I've been fortunate not to have glitches 
in my laptop environment, and as has been mentioned, if you load your
machine down beyond what you do on stage, it's a good test.  I also keep a
backup drive for extreme situations.


I've been using live now for a few years on stage, and I have yet to have a
problem.  I even use the internal hard drive.  I do far more playback than
live recording, as Per does, or Kid Beyond, but it is my primary routing
device and effects chain provider.

Now I use it with sooperlooper instead of my echoplex, and did my first 
last week without a big rig, and in fact, without a rig at all, just a MOTU

Now, on the other hand, I've had my Eventide Orville go down on me in the
middle of very high profile gigs probably five times, and I still can't
troubleshoot why, it never has made any sense, and now I resist taking it 
stage with me, perhaps it's a heat issue.

So all in all, putting myself in 'Steve Jobs' hands' haven't let me down in
performance yet.   I've never been a Bill Gates' computer owner, though I
hear more and more good things about Windows Music efficiency, often from
Per regarding Live. Keep in mind that I do use carbon copy cloner so that I
have a backup 7200 rpm drive available should anything go bonkers...

I do know that I can travel far more easily than I used to and generally
accomplish the same things that I used to accomplish with a big rig...

Of course if I had Frippian budget, talent, reputation and brilliance, I
might still carry roadcases worth of machines... You're right, though, with
Live, Max/MSP and a host of plug-ins, our performance world starts to look
pretty limitless...

All best,


On 12/29/05 11:43 AM, "Michael Plishka" <mike@michaelplishka.com> wrote:

> I believe that this was discussed before, if so, forgive me, but those 
> loop live and use laptops, have you ever had any glitches live and how do
> you prepare yourself for such an occurrence?
> In spite of using computers in all aspects of my life (and maybe because 
> it!!) I just don't trust being on stage with a laptop and trusting my
> performance into Bill Gates' hands.
> It just seems that there are more and more cool computer based programs 
> have tremendous potential live.
> Thanks,
> ~peace~
> Michael

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