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Re: Line6 Echo Pro

thats wierd,I dont look at rack mount stuff as being handy anymore.just more stuff to lug around and be carefull with.and ya cant have just one thing in a rack it looks empty.so ya got to fill the rack wich makes it heavy.could be usefull for smuggeling or using as a chair.most rack units are fragile too.i like stuff made to be stomped on and occationally dropped.
just me i guess,
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RPGfreak@web.de wrote:
Does anyone know or use that thing? How suitable is it for looping? Can feedback be controlled?
How is MIDI control or control on the device itself?
I was thnínking about getting one since it's rackformat is handy. SInce I play ambient music with lots of evolving textures, a long loop time would be nice.

Thanks, Simon
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