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RE: ideal looper on websiet

On 29 Dec 2005 at 11:21, Bernhard Wagner LD wrote:

> Why don't we publish an open letter on the LD website specifically for
> manufacturers describing these required fundamental features. 

Great idea. After all, the technology is already here - AFAIK, the 
manufacturers simply program the requirements onto a chip & add knobs 
where required. Hard to believe that new products still come out 
lacking the most obvious features. I've been trying to persuade Zoom 
for some years to do a simple 10 second stereo echo with freeze & 
feedback features. That's all I need for live. No replies, as yet ;)

Now what would be really cool would be a rack where you could store & 
use VST effects - edit them on the computer, then dump them to a 
rack. I love the "grain delay" on ableton & can find nothing like it 
rackable. I'm still a shade reluctant to take an expensive laptop on 
the road, even if I had one!

All the best,

Nick Robinson