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feedback/features/new loopers...

 >>>I bet the new Digitech Jamman is better in some ways than the  
RC-20, but
neither compares to a looper with fucking feedback control--

I want to own a delay with extended loop time (40-50 seconds is  
enough) and
MIDI control of the feedback and loop time after the loop is closed.
Multiply and windowing would be nice too--and heck, multiple tracks.
Maybe some day . . .

Keep an eye on the development of the Looperlative - all of these  
things will be possible in the software, it'll just take Bob a while  
to get the features programmed in and available as updates. Even with  
the features as they are now (the first Beta-unit) it's the second  
most versatile looper I've ever used after the EDP, and already has  
things that you couldn't possibly do on the EDP available, like the  
multiple track thing (with individual feedback for each later),  
stereo loopage, lots more loop time and instant multiply (hit a  
button to multiply the loop by whatever multiple you've chosen - ie 4  
times as long - drop an event into that, knowing that it'll only come  
back round every four repeats) - I'm really really excited about the  
development of this box, am having stacks of fun with it, and am  
chomping at the bit for the next software update in the run-up to  
NAMM - definitely come and find me there, and I'll talk you through it!

I'll also definitely be using on my gig on the 12th Jan at Darbucka  
in London, and on all my gigs in CA (it'll be the only looper I have  
with me) - I'll be happy to do a quick demo for anyone who wants it  
before or after each of the gigs...


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