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Jamman Digitech

Hi there
I never post here but enjoy reading...
my set up is a fernandes native pro-a pod xt live- a korg sdd2000 a 
ips 33b (pitch shifter/whammy)- line 6 dl4 to digitech jamman - vox ac30 

I love the line6 dl4 as it offers octave+/- pitch shifting and looping- 
you know what i have often felt that many  a good loop was lost 
don't see anything wrong with the digitech for my needs!!!!
I capture a loop live while playing in the line6 I transfer over the 
first/or overdubbed loop to the jamman's memory (I can determine whether 
keep or save on computer let alone onbaord memory) and then I can loop the 
jamman and play over the top. Is my set up perfect no...would the edp or 
repeater mk2 be better, possible- but I see a real need for this pedal and 
if you guys continue to slag it off a) it makes my set up cooler b) it 
digitech offer an even better mk 2 jamman.

You are right themaufacturer didn't consult the looping community enough, 
but the loop landscape looks more populated, and more affordable than ever 
before- maybe this is a new "start point" (pun intended) enjoy what you 
have, and don't be miserable about what you  (or digitech or roland ) 
haven't (done)

my 2 cents

graham stuart

>From: "Tony K" <bigtony@softhome.net>
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>Subject: RE: Loop Station RC 20 XL - Jamman Digitech
>Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 21:28:11 -0500
>I have one and I like it, but I have it on my desk and not on the floor.  
>use my hands to control it.  I have enough delays with feedback control, I
>like it because it is a loop tool and not a delay.
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>From: David Morton [mailto:dmorton@gmail.com]
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>Subject: Re: Loop Station RC 20 XL - Jamman Digitech
>On 12/28/05, Per Boysen <per@boysen.se> wrote:
> > I was sent a Digi Jamman to write a review of it. After playing with
> > it for an hour I had to tell the rep I'm sending it back and skipping
> > over the job, "to help sales" ;-)  From time to time I have been
> > playing with the original Jamman, from Lexicon, and this new "Jamman"
> > is completely different. Not at all suitable for dynamic live looping
> > I would say, but maybe of interest for someone who intend to learn to
> > play certain musical parts over a static background?
>I had an RC20XL and sold it on for similar reasons.
>With no feedback control and no way of saving the loop you've built
>without bending down and pressing little buttons (two issues it shares
>with the Digitech JamMan) it wasn't useful to me.
>The person who bought it off me loves it, however, so these things
>suit some people.