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Re: Ableton/Reaktor

On 29 dec 2005, at 01.57, Mark Smart wrote:

> Well, after much futzing and frustration, I finally got this setup  
> working the
> way I want. I like Ableton a lot, but I wanted a way to automate  
> the steps with
> a sequencer that could be advanced to the next step with just one  
> pedal, like
> what I did purely inside standalone Reaktor before.
> So today I figured out how to make a Reaktor sequencer inside  
> Ableton drive
> Ableton's remote control using the MIDI loopback trick from this  
> article:
> http://www.keyboardmag.com/story.asp?sectioncode=32&storycode=12143

Yeah, I agree to this being one of the most exciting live looping  
techniques so far! I've been doing that for some years now but  
instead of the Reaktor Seqencer I'm setting up MIDI clips in Live  
that I send back into Live as "Remote Cotrol Data". I started doing  
it on a Mac with OS X, that has such a MIDI loop-back streaming  
option built into the operating system, but now I have also expanded  
it to Windows XP by using MIDI Yoke (thank you Jeff Larson for the  
heads up on M Yoke!).

Originally I got the idea of sequencing control data for loops - in  
overdubbing mode or not - from David Torn on this list. Back then we  
were discussing the hardware looper Electrixpro Repeater. I was using  
an Alesis MMT-8 hardware MIDI sequencer to control the Repeater and  
Bill Walker also gave me some valuable help (thanks Bill!). Until  
this day there isn't really any software available that can pitch  
transpose overdubbing loops as the Repeater did. When this will be  
possible in software I'm sure it will explode as a new paradigm for  
live looping that everyone wants to explore :-)

Speaking about sequencing controller data for a looper, didn't Claude  
Voit do that with EDP quite early? I'm now working on a laptop based  
system of "chained actions" that I will trigger with just one button.  
Then I play acoustic instruments to fill the loops with audio. I have  
noticed that I tend to tap dance certain chains of commands on my  
floor controller, when looping, and since I usually pull off the same  
sequences of commands I can as well automate them and focus on what  
REALLLy matters: the audio you play on instruments. Pushing buttons  
is just stupid. I must have collected enough push-button karma for  
twenty lifetimes ;-) I want to PLAY live looping music!

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.looproom.com (international)
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
--->  iTunes Music Store (digital)