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Re: Loop Station RC 20 XL - Jamman Digitech

On 12/29/05, David Kirkdorffer <vze2ncsr@verizon.net> wrote:
> Well, similar - but not the same.
> Here are many "words" about the devices -- I'm still curious to hear from
> someone who actually has both devices and can offer opinions based on 

I had an RD20XL (with FS6 for loop selection and FS5U for reverse) for
ten months.

I took it to trade in for the Digitech JamMan because I was attracted
to the idea of CF storage and a USB connection for the storage and
editing of loops. Having had a thorough play with the Digitech JamMan
I decided that it wasn't for me [*], and there was nothing to be
gained by the trade, so I came home and advertised the RC20XL for

[*] I was going to say why not, but in the light of what's been said
in the "Extreme negativity" thread I shall keep quiet.