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Re: AW: Native Instruments Pro-53

well, i used the Six-Track i had such that i was playing very minimal  
pitch information and modifying more the parameters of the sound in a  
slow rhythmic way, combined with a JamMan. the harmonic info came  
from the layers built up in the loop, so it wasnt so much traditional  
melodic style playing although i did have to keep what note info i  
was playing in mind so that it would sound alright in the 'compound  
loop', which can get quite dense.

so, it seems the Pro-53 could rival its hardware progenitor in this  
regard, which would be nice. i noticed that the delay effect that  
comes built into it takes external audio for processing, or can sync  
to external midi (from something like radiaL for instance). i think i  
will check it out further ;)


On Dec 28, 2005, at 4:18 PM, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill  

> As you mentioned, the Pro53 is not extremely flexible, rather more  
> optimized
> for a specific task. And I personally would not like to use this to
> "improvise over something" (in the traditional sense, i.e. playing  
> a more or
> less melodic pad which is more or less fast-paced) and see the  
> strenghts of
> this instruments in analogue-sounding pads and really weird creations.
> For both of the latter applications, the thing works quite well  
> (again,
> within its "theme"). You quickly get a feel for the dials (which in  
> the
> applications I had mapped to the controllers of a Q) and their effect,
> including how far you can go before it will sound crazy. Regarding  
> stability
> and runtime, it's on the standard I've come to expect from similar  
> products
> (read: NI stuff): low and (more importantly) steady system load and no
> acting up that I can remember.