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RE: OT: Climate Changes

I was able to observe Mr Boysen in late august and if his winter months are
anything like his summer months the man must be a creative dynamo! Not only
that, he is extremely polite, having put up with the chainsaw-esque snoring
of my brother and I for four days.

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On 28 dec 2005, at 10.03, loop.pool wrote:

> I've often wondered if   Per Boysen, as an example, is more or less
> creative/prolific
> when there is very little sun in the winter or when there is a lot
> of sun in the summer.

Periodically I've been able to watch the guy closely, but I was never
able to detect any significant relation between those variables. He
seems to be putting most of his creative energies into working out
strategies that will allow him to be creative. These pseudo creative
activities just go on and on in a subjective universe, lacking
parameters for "climate", "weather" or "time".

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