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Re: Loop Station RC 20 XL - Jamman Digitech

Well, similar - but not the same.

Here are many "words" about the devices -- I'm still curious to hear from
someone who actually has both devices and can offer opinions based on that.

1) The Digitech

When we invented the PDS8000 pedal almost twenty years ago, it stored eight
seconds of audio. Now we've reinvented it using removable CompactFlashT
memory to store up to 6.5 hours*! A wide range of features combined with
ease of use make the DigiTech® JamMan® the perfect looper/phrase sampler 
practicing, composing, and performing.

The JamMan opens up new horizons to your musical explorations. The
possibilities are literally endless, endless, endless.!
 Save up to 99 independent loops at one time.
 Store over 24 minutes of looping time on the included CompactFlash card.
Upgrade to a 2GB card to store up to 6.5 hours of audio!
 Connect to your computer via USB and never lose another loop ever again!
 Record rhythm loops and solo over them on the fly, completely Hands-FreeT.
 Load up the JamMan with bass lines, drums, harmonies, and more; create an
entire backup band.
 Slow down or speed up any song without changing pitch to master that 

*With optional 2GB card


DigiTech Introduces JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler

Includes a Compact Flash card with storage for over 24 minutes of record
time and 99 loops, USB connectivity, an XLR microphone input, power supply,
44.1 kHz CD-quality audio plus a full six-year warranty

July 24, 2005
Almost two decades ago DigiTech developed the PDS 8000 pedal for loop-based
audio performance. Now DigiTech takes looping from the original 8-second
volatile recording memory of the PDS 8000 straight into the 21st century
with the innovative JamMan pedal, which is capable of saving up to 6.5 
of loops and sample phrases. The JamMan Looper/Phrase Sampler is an effects
processor dedicated to loop creation, manipulation, playback and
overdubbing, based on the classic Lexicon JamMan rackmount effect. The new
JamMan offers tremendous loop capabilities at resolutions up to CD-quality
44.1 kHz in a compact, easy-to-use stompbox format specially tailored to 
needs of guitarists and performing musicians.

The DigiTech JamMan is equipped with a full complement of input and output
connections. Inputs include a low-impedance XLR jack, along with a 1/4"
instrument-level jack, each with a dedicated level control. A 1/8" Aux 
jack can accept signals from external sources such as CD or MP3 players. A
1/4" output (compatible with amps, mixers or headphones) is provided, as is
a USB port for connecting the JamMan to a computer -- this allows the 
to serve as a Compact Flash card reader, as well as enabling loop WAV data
to be transferred to and from a computer for unlimited archiving of
material. An optional FSX3 footswitch can be connected to the footswitch
jack for controlling loop select up and down, as well as the loop
auto-recording arming function for complete Hands-Free use.

Loops can be recorded using any of the inputs, and unlimited overdubs can 
added to any loop; overdubs can be erased, and there is one level of
undo/redo available. Auto Record allows the JamMan to begin recording as
soon as it detects signal at its input.

When recording from the Aux Input, three additional record modes are
available for creating backing tracks and loops: Center Cancel removes any
material that is common to the left and right channels -- material panned 
the center (usually this would be lead vocal or solo instruments). In Full
Range Simulation mode, an EQ curve is applied to the incoming Aux Input
audio; the curve allows full-range audio to be played back through a guitar
amp/speaker with sound more like a hi-fi recording. In Center Cancel and
Full Range Sim mode, both center cancellation and equalization are applied
to the Aux Input signal.

2) Loop Station RC 20 XL


Realtime Phrase Recording and Sampling
Whether for use onstage or at home, the new RC-20XL will add depth and
excitement to your performances by allowing you to layer phrases in real
time - as many stacks as you like until you fill up the 16 minutes of ample
recording space on the RC-20XL. Explore the expressive options of
sound-on-sound performance by layering your own phrases to create a massive
"one-person band" experience. Build the ultimate solo, and do it all live 
real time.

- Super long recording time: up to 16 minutes!
- Save up to 11 loops at a time
- Undo function makes it easy to create perfect loops
- Built-in auto quantize for simple and accurate loop timing
- Change loop tempo without changing pitch
- Footswitchable loop select (with optional FS-5U/FS-6)

Loopers-Delight reviews:

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> So, this is to say the Loop Station RC 20 XL is better than the Jamman
> Digitech??

Not better, the same.