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Re: do they know?

I have a new "new year's day" compilation CD coming out on Jan 1 as well,
called "Xperimentus". It features 13 players from Looper's Delight. I think
you'll enjoy this one as well, given the method by which it was produced.


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> At 09:25 AM 12/27/2005, daniel stevenson wrote:
> >     I agree wholeheartedlly on the points you make.i do need to buy
> > from the amazing folks on the list,but where do i start?i havent bought
> > anything for a good long while.if and when i do buy some music for
> > listening ,it will be guitar looping.or cello...ok even sax,or
> > keys...well lets just say loops.it will be a looping album's from
> > of LD "your all great"
> I think a great place to start is the Looper's Delight Compilation CDs! I
> just finally retrieved my copy of Vol 3 from the post office this 
> and I'm listening now. (thanks Sunao!) It's so exciting to hear all this
> great music. Zoe's opening track just finished (powerful, and
> extraordinary!) and now I'm on to Andy Butler on track 2 and his very
> musical use of such a wide range of loop techniques. (Andy's new cd is
> awesome also.)  Can't wait to hear the rest of this....
> http://www.loopers-delight.com/cd/LoopersDelightCDs.html
> kim
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