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Re: do they know?

At 09:25 AM 12/27/2005, daniel stevenson wrote:
>     I agree wholeheartedlly on the points you make.i do need to buy 
> from the amazing folks on the list,but where do i start?i havent bought 
> anything for a good long while.if and when i do buy some music for 
> listening ,it will be guitar looping.or cello...ok even sax,or 
> keys...well lets just say loops.it will be a looping album's from 
> of LD "your all great"

I think a great place to start is the Looper's Delight Compilation CDs! I 
just finally retrieved my copy of Vol 3 from the post office this morning, 
and I'm listening now. (thanks Sunao!) It's so exciting to hear all this 
great music. Zoe's opening track just finished (powerful, and 
extraordinary!) and now I'm on to Andy Butler on track 2 and his very 
musical use of such a wide range of loop techniques. (Andy's new cd is 
awesome also.)  Can't wait to hear the rest of this....



Kim Flint                     | Looper's Delight
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