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Re: Seeking advice on SMALL midi pedal

I've been carrying my 1010, my motu traveler, and a backup harddrive all in
a fender gig bag, which has proved invaluable.  So now, my airplane rig is 
flat booq laptop bag, the gig bag and my violin.

Only once have I had to invoke the TSA letter to get me through, and I'm
thrilled to be this compact.  If I had to check it, a pelikan case would
handle the pedal and audio interface easily... Hope that is a contribution
for all of us 1010 users who ALL find it big and bulky...

(I use the expression pedals all the time, which is probably why I stick to
this pedal still... With all the software I use having midi learn 
a couple of banks has me completely covered.)

Greetings from vermont...


On 12/28/05 3:28 PM, "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> On 28 dec 2005, at 21.04, Zoe Keating wrote:
>>  I had 2 carryons already (I always carry the RPTR) and I had to
>> gate check it.
> Yesterday, after my backpack got taxed overweight and hijacked by the
> check-in desk, I entered the cabin with just a plastic bag containing
> my TC electronics Fireworx, a laptop and a RME Multiface (took them
> out as carry-on). It suddenly appeared to me that I could actually
> bring all that plus a music instrument in the cabin. And I don't
> really need more. My FCB is given permanent home vacation from now
> on ;-)
> On 28 dec 2005, at 21.04, Zoe Keating wrote:
>> I never use those expression pedals anyway
> I don't use them for guitar, but I do when playing sax or because I
> need to close the mic input when not playing to prevent the stage
> sound to getting into the overdubbing feedback loop. With acoustic
> instruments you can really get trapped in fat  mash-ups of too loud
> background noise. When I lack MIDI feedback pedal I use to switch off
> the flute mic preamp by hand to mute the input. Would be cool with a
> simple foot button for that.
>> Zoe Keating wrote:
>>> Not a lot out there really. It seems like foot controllers are out
>>> of  fashion because rack-mounted effects are out of fashion (i.e.
>>> not  "retro" enough....yawn...insert comments here).
>> On 28 dec 2005, at 21.07, David Beardsley wrote:
>> I don't know...it has a bit late '80's vibe to it.
> L-O-L ;-D)
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