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Re: Seeking advice on SMALL midi pedal

On 28 dec 2005, at 21.04, Zoe Keating wrote:

>  I had 2 carryons already (I always carry the RPTR) and I had to  
> gate check it.

Yesterday, after my backpack got taxed overweight and hijacked by the  
check-in desk, I entered the cabin with just a plastic bag containing  
my TC electronics Fireworx, a laptop and a RME Multiface (took them  
out as carry-on). It suddenly appeared to me that I could actually  
bring all that plus a music instrument in the cabin. And I don't  
really need more. My FCB is given permanent home vacation from now  
on ;-)

On 28 dec 2005, at 21.04, Zoe Keating wrote:
> I never use those expression pedals anyway

I don't use them for guitar, but I do when playing sax or because I  
need to close the mic input when not playing to prevent the stage  
sound to getting into the overdubbing feedback loop. With acoustic  
instruments you can really get trapped in fat  mash-ups of too loud  
background noise. When I lack MIDI feedback pedal I use to switch off  
the flute mic preamp by hand to mute the input. Would be cool with a  
simple foot button for that.

> Zoe Keating wrote:
>> Not a lot out there really. It seems like foot controllers are out  
>> of  fashion because rack-mounted effects are out of fashion (i.e.  
>> not  "retro" enough....yawn...insert comments here).
> On 28 dec 2005, at 21.07, David Beardsley wrote:
> I don't know...it has a bit late '80's vibe to it.

L-O-L ;-D)

Greetings from Sweden

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