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Re: Seeking advice on SMALL midi pedal

I know of the 'midi mouse', but I believe it only sends pc messages...

If you were to use a jlcooper cs-32 controller, it has a momentary switch
input as well, although I gotta say, that faderfox looks incredible...


I hope this is helpful, per.


On 12/28/05 2:33 PM, "Per Boysen" <per@boysen.se> wrote:

> Dear List,
> Can someone recommend a SMALL midi foot pedal? I could do with just a
> button that send a midi note (note on, note off) or two values of a
> midi cc parameter. I would also appreciate an expression pedal, but
> that's not on top of the list.
> The background is that I'm having enough of this bulky and heavy
> Behringer FCB1010 pedal board (yesterday I was caught  "overweight"
> at a flight check-in). I want to use the two ultra small MIDI mixers
> seen on this picture:
> http://www.faderfox.com/Erweiterungen/Pict0024/pict0024.html
> I already own the one with faders and I'm hoping to get the one with
> buttons as well. But I need at least ONE midi button for foot work.
> What are you keyboard players using? Aren't there small pedals that
> send just one MIDI msg?
> I'm thinking that I really don't need all the ten buttons of the FCB
> floor board. Instead of tap dancing over it to pitch transpose my
> looping into chord vamps I could as well program the pitch transpose
> action commands into a MIDI files (in Ableton Live) and use the pedal
> to "step to the next chord". In Ableton Live you may have hundreds of
> such chains (differently related pitch transposing intervals) and you
> can use a hand button to choose the sequence and then the foot button
> to step through it. That would be a much neater set-up IMHO.
> I've been able to try out a rig as described above by using a usual
> "sustain pedal" for a synth and them collecting the synth's MIDI OUT
> for the command going into the looper, but I would need a plain MIDI
> pedal because I can't take that big synth to gigs just to use it as a
> converter from an analog switch into a MIDI cc msg.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
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> www.cdbaby.com/perboysen

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