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Re: Climate Changes

Interesting article, Rick. The moving graphics really helps illustrate the
situation.  It helps alleviate some of the counter-intuitive effect of it
getting colder, despite global warming. Anther theory I recall learning
several years ago while getting my bachelors degree was that as global
warming increased, it increased the rate at which the icecaps melted, which
increased the overall ocean water level, which increased precipitation 
meant more snow in the north, which results in the enlargement of the polar
cap....i.e., the next ice age.  We already know that there have been 
ice ages in the past...it's cyclical, like many other things in nature 
a climate loop!).  The question is when the next iceage will get here. 
are debates on how fast this will occur, but it will get here and have a
huge impact on human civilization. This is a real threat. Our great, great,
great, great, great grandchildren who live in the north could be migrating
down to the sound, just as those first nomads did who crossed the berring
strait and wandered southward down North America.

But, as to your question of how the weather effects my creativity? I
actually prefer darker and more ominous weather...overcast, stormy, etc.  
course, I also prefer darker, obscure, and ominous music, so it is fitting.
The sunshine doesn't do much for me in terms of rousing my creative energy.


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> This is so off topic as to defy rational justification
> except that it affects many of the live loopers
> in Western Europe and the British Isles:
> I was talking with Luis Angulo (who is here visiting his family
> in San Diego from Northern Europe) and he told me that
> they had 3 solid weeks without seeing the sunshine in Radolfzell
> (by the Boden Zee).   I had also heard from Andy Butler mentioning
> that England was having a particularly severe winter this year.
> Anyway,  my wife found this fascinating flash demonstration of
> why global warming is having the effect of much colder winters
> for Western Europe and the British Isles.
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/flash/gulf_stream_climate.swf
> The Gulf Stream coming up from the equator actually raises the
> air temperature of those regions by an astonishing 18 degrees Farhenheit
> and 10 degrees Celsius.
> Researchers have discovered that the circulation of the currents have
> a dismaying 30% over the last 12 years due to global warming trends.
> Maybe this can lead to a discussion of how weather effects our 
> I've often wondered if   Per Boysen, as an example, is more or less
> creative/prolific
> when there is very little sun in the winter or when there is a lot of sun
> the summer.
> I know I write much, much more in the winter than in the summer.