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RE: What's wrong with loops


Of course.  I didn't mean to imply that one had to be on drugs to 
appreciate the Dead's music, only that LSD was a part of the cultural 
from which the Dead phenomenon sprang.

And yes, being both a more traditional "songwriter" and being a looper 
does often feel like living in two worlds at the same time.  When I book a 
show (usually months in advance) I never know what I'm going to be in the 
mood for at that show (loop vs non-loop).  I now have different groups 
of people that expect very different things, and somebody often is cranky 
that I didn't deliver what they were expecting (Hey Man, why no looping?
/ VS. What happened to the songs? All you did was make noises for 45 

One of the things I liked about the Grateful Dead was their ability to 
shift in and out of those two worlds, often many times in the same set (or 
even the same song).


Joe Rut

>>  Drugs (LSD and others in the case of 
> > the Dead, and ecstasy/
> > speed and others in the case of techno) were vital to creating 
> > the context in which the music was created, and often appreciated.
> "Often," but not exclusively.  I'd say acid was absolutely 
> essential to the creation of the Dead's groupmind, and I'll confess 
> that I was high on acid the first time I heard them play, but you 
> don't have to be on acid to play that way and you don't have to be 
> on acid to appreciate what they did.  (In the later years it helped 
> if you had a tolerance for weak but heartfelt vocals and the 
> patience to endure group improvisations that weren't truly 
> interactive, but that's another conversation.)
> > Joe, you and I are both songwriters who also do loop work.  I think 
> that means we live in (at least) two worlds at the same time, sorta.
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