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Re: OT - Climate Changes

Spent time in Middle Sweden/Stockholm and then some time in the far North 
of the Country in Jokkmokk and Gallivare area. The trick of light at high 
latitudes is a strange one. In the winter, I could barely stay awake. In 
the summer, I had insomnia and insane amounts of energy. The creative side 
of all that seemed to re-arrange alot of my sensibilities. I got alot of 
musical material out of it. Some of my chemical choices might've effected 
certain outcomes as well, but I am not fond of giving those things credit.

I think that bad weather in general creates good art. It causes focus and 
limits options.


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>> Maybe this can lead to a discussion of how weather effects our 
>I find that I like to 'get creative' and play when it's sort of dreary - 
>rainy, snowy, dark.  But not so much when it's bright and sunny.  Might 
>because I like to play dark and dreary things. ;)  If it's sunny I want 
>be outside doing something fun, like fishing or walking or anything but 
>in my studio.
>I was watching some programs about last years tsunami and apparently the 
>earthquake also caused the earth to wobble and spin faster.  Not much, a 
>thousanths of a second, but it changed.  Gotta wonder what that kind of 
>major event does to weather, currents, etc.
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>Subject: OT: Climate Changes
>> This is so off topic as to defy rational justification
>> except that it affects many of the live loopers
>> in Western Europe and the British Isles:
>> I was talking with Luis Angulo (who is here visiting his family
>> in San Diego from Northern Europe) and he told me that
>> they had 3 solid weeks without seeing the sunshine in Radolfzell
>> (by the Boden Zee).   I had also heard from Andy Butler mentioning
>> that England was having a particularly severe winter this year.
>> Anyway,  my wife found this fascinating flash demonstration of
>> why global warming is having the effect of much colder winters
>> for Western Europe and the British Isles.
>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/flash/gulf_stream_climate.swf
>> The Gulf Stream coming up from the equator actually raises the
>> air temperature of those regions by an astonishing 18 degrees Farhenheit
>> and 10 degrees Celsius.
>> Researchers have discovered that the circulation of the currents have 
>> slowed
>> a dismaying 30% over the last 12 years due to global warming trends.
>> Maybe this can lead to a discussion of how weather effects our 
>> I've often wondered if   Per Boysen, as an example, is more or less 
>> creative/prolific
>> when there is very little sun in the winter or when there is a lot of 
>> in the summer.
>> I know I write much, much more in the winter than in the summer.