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Re: The Dark Age

I should say that I don't hate everything about the DX7, just the user 
interface and that pseudo-rhodes patch that was beaten into the
ground. It could make some really cool metallic Taco Bell sounds.

I also don't hate all music from the 80s. I liked the Police, Talking
Heads, U2, Men at Work, the Cars (don't own any recordings, but their
songs are very catchy, especially "Let's Go"). I can do without
Def Leppard and all the other hair bands except Van Halen. I went through
a phase where I studied Van Halen tapping and still like to pull that
stuff out at gigs with my blues band.

One thing that, to me, really stands out from the 80s and which doesn't 
at all dated compared to most other music from the time...GRACELAND.

Mark Smart