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Re: The Dark Age

Subject: Re: The Dark Age

> On 27 dec 2005, at 23.28, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
>> Could anyone please explain to me why the Eighties are often  referred 
>> as "the dark age"?
> a) Ridiculous clothes and haircuts ;-)
> b) Stiff music (see Mark Smart's post on "the DX7 syndrome")

And MTV.
and Big Hair Metal
and while a lot of 'us' love electronic music, it was seen as talentless, 
tasteless drek you could play with one finger.  music killed by drum 
machines and the DX7. (not my opinion! I love electronic/synth)
and yeah, there was that hair.

Someone is always going to find something negative to say about 
culture/music. Hard rock, progressive rock, fusion, punk, 
rap, heavy metal, big hair pop-metal... one can find good or bad in any of 
it.  Whether one thinks it's good or bad, it all has an effect on the next 
generation of music.  The backlash of 'this music sucks' pushes people. 
Progressive -> punk -> glam/metal ->grunge

However, I think lots of people think there was little or nothing good 
came from the 80's.  some of my favorite albums (King Crimson and Rush) 
from then.  But then, some really bad ones too!

enough rambling from me,